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Full Tilt from CNP is launching in an intriguing four industry-first flavors

cnp full tilt unique flavors

Full Tilt is the name of CNP’s upcoming stimulant-powered and comprehensive pre-workout, due to launch at this year’s Stack3d Supplement Expo starting Monday June 14th. The only things we know about the product are that it will be, as mentioned, a comprehensive pre-workout, formulated to deliver a balanced blend of energy, focus, pumps, and performance.

There are still several weeks before the release of Full Tilt, leaving CNP plenty of time to drip-feed details on the supplement, something it is doing today with some information about its flavors. The brand is planning to launch the pre-workout in four flavors, none of which have been named; however, they are all apparently industry firsts and have not been done before.

The latest from CNP isn’t the clear details we were expecting, but it certainly has our attention. Industry-first flavors do happen, although we can’t recall the last time we saw four released simultaneously for the same product. We were already excited for the formula behind Full Tilt; now, we’re also interested in the flavors and if they are indeed all industry firsts.

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