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Foodspring’s plant-based cookie packs more protein than the original

foodspring vegan protein cookie

There are several products in Foodspring’s vast functional lineup with a regular version and a plant-based alternative. Its recently released Vegan Protein Cream is a great example of that, which has been followed by another vegan-friendly spin-off. Germany-based Foodspring has put together a plant-based version of its high-protein cookie, with the Vegan Protein Cookie.

Surprisingly, Foodspring’s Protein Cookie alternative actually has more protein than the original packing 15g per cookie, from wheat protein, and to make things even better, the other macros aren’t blown out. The Vegan Protein Cookie has 11g of fat, 22g of carbohydrates with only 100mg of that sugar, 227 calories, making it higher in protein and slightly leaner overall.

Foodspring’s Vegan Protein Cookie is available now through its online store, where it won’t cost you anything more than the regular Protein Cookie at €2.49 (3.04 USD) each or €24.99 (30.47 USD) for a box of 12. There are three flavors to start for the plant-based protein cookie in Salted Caramel, Apple Cinnamon, and Blueberry Cheesecake.

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