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Functional beverage brand Moxy drops its first product without any caffeine

gymbeam moxy daily

Moxy is a brand of functional beverages from the popular European supplement retailer GymBeam, which now consists of three different products. This week, Moxy has welcomed a third drink to its lineup, joining the energized BCAA beverage Moxy BCAA+, and Moxy Power+, which has fewer BCAAs than BCAA+ but more caffeine at 180mg per 330ml can.

GymBeam’s third Moxy product is Moxy Daily+, another functional beverage that fits right in with those other two. Like BCAA+ and Power+, Moxy Daily+ has a good dose of BCAAs to support muscle recovery at 4g, plus B vitamins and zinc. However, what truly separates it from the brand’s others is it’s completely stimulant-free with absolutely no caffeine.

GymBeam currently has only one flavor available for its first caffeine-free Moxy drink in Blue Grape, and it is very nutritionally friendly, featuring no carbohydrates or fat and only 20 calories per can. You can grab Moxy Daily+ from the retailer’s online store, where it is the most expensive in the functional beverage family at €1.20 (1.44 USD).

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