Endurance-enhancing TWK10 to debut in Kaged Muscle’s upcoming Pro-Biotic

May 24th, 2021
kaged pro-biotic

It was only a few days ago Kris Gethin’s brand Kaged Muscle announced its all-new spin-off of Hydra-Charge in Hydra-Charge Amped, a supplement that combines electrolytes and energizing ingredients. The product is relatively unique, and as it turns out, it’s not all the brand has been working on recently, with today bringing news of another new supplement.

Kaged Muscle is now preparing to launch a simply named product called “Kaged Pro-Biotic”, powered by the equally new ingredient TWK10 from Lonza, which we posted about last week. TWK10 is a premium form of the probiotic strain lactobacillus plantarum, and has proven in a clinical study to increase endurance by as much as 75% for better overall performance.

Kaged Muscle’s upcoming Pro-Biotic features a three capsule serving with each of those capsules packing ten billion CFU for a strong total of 30 billion per serving. That all comes from Lonza’s premium probiotic TWK10, and in turn, gives Kaged’s entry into the probiotic market an endurance angle we haven’t seen from any competitors on the market.

The TWK10-powered Kaged Pro-Biotic is launching in the next few weeks, and if it wasn’t clear, the Kaged Muscle supplement is going to be the first to utilize Lonza’s endurance-enhancing probiotic.

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