NJIE mixes mango and vanilla for a limited time taste of its ProPud milkshake

May 3rd, 2021
njie mango mania propud milkshake

Swedish functional brand NJIE has announced another new flavor extension; its second in less than a week, after we got a Toffee Twist ProPud protein pudding last week. The product getting the brand’s attention this time around is its on-the-go, milkshake-like protein RTD, the ProPud Milkshake, packing a solid 20g of protein per bottle.

Unlike Toffee Twist, NJIE’s latest release is not a permanent addition to ProPud Milkshake’s menu; it is a limited edition launch, which we have seen from the brand and product before. With summer slowly approaching in Sweden, NJIE has put together an all-new refreshing, fruity flavor with Mango Mania, promising a mix of mango and vanilla.

Like the other flavors of NJIE’s ProPud Milkshake, the limited-time Mango Mania provides a full 20g of protein per bottle, with around 5g of fat, 15.5g of carbohydrates, no added sugar and 188 calories.

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