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Nutramino gives its light and crispy Protein Wafer a slight makeover

nutramino rebranded protein wafer

Nutramino and its selection of tasty, high-protein snacks and drinks are widely available across Europe in popular retail locations, gyms, vending machines, and more. One of the more known products in its lineup is the light and crispy Nutramino Protein Wafer, which moving forward, has a slightly different look compared to what fans have become familiar with.

This month, Nutramino is rebranding its wafer-style protein snack, keeping all of its ingredients, nutrition, and flavors the same, only changing what it looks like on the outside. You can get a glimpse of the product’s more detailed look in the image above in all three of its options, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Hazelnut, still low in sugar with a moderate 7 to 8g of protein.

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