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Peak Performance tweaks its pre-workout with increases to five ingredients

peak performance labs new and improved nuclear pre

Yesterday we posted about Peak Performance Labs’ entirely new supplement Nuclear Intra, combining a full spectrum of EAAs with carbohydrates and electrolytes to power you through your workout and support recovery. It turns out the brand has another exciting product to share, although it’s not completely new, but another reformulation of its pre-workout Nuclear Pre.

Fans of Peak Performance Labs will remember, it wasn’t that long ago the brand relaunched Nuclear Pre as Nuclear Pre 2.0, which was completely unveiled and made available for pre-order in July of last year. The latest version of the supplement makes another bunch of exciting changes, all while staying true to its predecessor, with no dosages removed or lowered, only increased.

peak performance labs new and improved nuclear pre

The exact tweaks Peak Performance Labs has made to Nuclear Pre include more beta-alanine at 3.5g per serving, 15mg more synephrine, and a 25% increase in rhodiola to 500mg. There are just two other ingredient increases that should help further the intensity of the comprehensive pre-workout with more eria jarensis at 250mg and a bump in caffeine from 350mg up to 400mg.

Like Nuclear Intra, you can now pre-order Peak Performance Labs’ improved Nuclear Pre through its website for shipping early next month. It’ll cost you $69.99 (58.10 USD) for a tub of 20 servings in Fuzzy Peach and Tasty Lollipop flavors. If you do get on the pre-order, you can also use the coupon “NUCLEAR15” to save 15% and drop the revamped product to $59.49 (49.39 USD).