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Classic childhood treat becomes a flavor of Red Dragon’s casein-based Protein Mousse

red dragon fairy bread protein mousse

Less than 24 hours after we saw Red Dragon Nutritionals’ teaser, the Australian supplement company has come out and confirmed exactly what we suspected. The brand is indeed taking the classic Australia and New Zealand childhood treat of Fairy Bread and turning it into a flavor of protein powder, specifically for Red Dragon’s thick, casein-based Protein Mousse.

As mentioned, Fairy Bread is a classic treat in the brand’s home country of Australia and New Zealand, where you take a piece of bread, put a layer of butter or margarine on it, and top it off with rainbow sprinkles. It is that relatively unique food Red Dragon Nutritionals is attempting to recreate and communicate in its next new flavor of Protein Mousse protein powder.

To make it even more authentic, the brand is putting actual rainbow sprinkles in the supplement’s powder, which should result in quite the experience. Red Dragon Nutritionals’ Fairy Bread Protein Mousse should be making its way out to stores and stockists in Australia sometime soon.