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Red Dragon looks to be turning Fairy Bread into a flavor of protein powder

red dragon fairy bread protein powder

With both of its protein powders, Protein Mousse and Dragon Whey, Red Dragon Nutritionals had at least one rather creative flavor on the menu of each supplement. Alongside its four others, Protein Mousse comes in a unique Chocolate Popping Candy with popping candy actually in the powder, and for Dragon Whey, there is Australia and New Zealand-favorite Hokey Pokey.

Red Dragon Nutritionals has dropped a teaser this week that looks like it’ll continue that creative streak with another unique flavor, seemingly for Protein Mousse or Dragon Whey. The brand has teased the flavor with the image above, which is traditional bread covered in rainbow sprinkles or hundreds and thousands, to create what is known in Australia and New Zealand as “Fairy Bread”.

It is a classic childhood treat in the countries and based on what it is saying, Red Dragon Nutritionals looks like it’ll be the first brand ever to turn it into a flavor of protein powder. As mentioned, it is a food specific to Australia and New Zealand, the former being the country Red Dragon is from, so it would certainly be fitting if that is indeed one the creative company has up its sleeve.