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Red Dragon’s Custard shows up in another preview with a different name

red dragon protein mousse

To kick off the New Year, Australian supplement company Red Dragon Nutritionals announced an all-new product in “Custard”, its second-ever protein powder, second to the more traditional Dragon Whey. Red Dragon Custard is a thicker protein powder featuring a formula powered by slower-digesting casein with a solid 25g of protein per serving and a relatively high 151 calories.

It turns out Red Dragon Nutritionals has switched the name of the supplement, with nothing else changed as far as we know. The brand has previewed the same product under the name “Protein Mousse” instead of “Custard”. It still features a casein-based formula providing a solid 25g of protein per serving in five flavors, including a unique and intriguing Choc Popping Candy.