Sinob drops its women’s hormone supplement featuring DIM, Quatrefolic and more

sinob fortify female

German brand Sh*t Is Not Your Business, better known as Sinob, has completely revealed and released the supplement it previewed last week with Fortify Female. The latest product from the brand is a multi-benefit formula built specifically for females to help balance hormone levels and alleviate common symptoms of PMS, powered by eight key ingredients.

Sinob’s all-new Fortify Female is available now through its online store where it is priced reasonably low to some of the other hormone health supplements we’ve seen at €24.90 (30.22 USD). For that price, you’ll get a tub packed with 30 full servings, and it is a flavored product with two straightforward, fruit-based tastes to choose from in Cherry and Lemon.

The complete list of ingredients powering Sinob’s Fortify Female includes 10mg each of iron and zinc, half a gram of calcium, and 150mcg of premium Quatrefolic folic acid. The other half of the formula consists of a gram of carnitine, 300mg of rhodiola, 20mg of chaste berry, and 100mg of DIM, all rolled up in an easy-to-drink powder, available now at