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Apollon is completely transforming its performance pre-workout Kumite

apollon nutrition kumite v2

This year, like many others, Apollon Nutrition has revamped several supplements, making changes to the ingredients and dosages for an even better experience. We’ve seen a new, improved, and more packed-out version of the stimulant-free pump and focus pre-workout Bare Knuckle, and in the coming weeks, the high-energy Assassin is getting an update.

Another revamped supplement that’s rolling out from Apollon Nutrition this year and potentially following on from Assassin V7 is a sequel to the performance supplement Kumite. A few months ago, the brand confirmed it would be reformulating the product, and now, to get even more hype going for it, Apollon has passed on some extremely exciting information.

Firstly, Apollon Nutrition’s Kumite V2 is going to be far more than a sequel, with the reputable hardcore brand deciding to remake the supplement from the ground up, starting with a change in name. We don’t yet have the finalized title, but alongside the new name, it’ll have well beyond twice as many actives, including premium NO3-T nitrates, and it’ll be flavored powder instead of capsules.

While the formula will be night and day difference compared to the original, with Apollon Nutrition saying it’s almost unrecognizable, its main focus is going to remain. Kumite V2, or whatever the new name is, will be a performance and endurance-enhancing pre-workout, with other ingredients in the mix to support things like energy and mental focus.

As mentioned, Apollon Nutrition is planning to launch its Kumite sequel or replacement in the coming months, and it is promising to be quite a leap forward for the supplement. The brand itself already has plenty of strong competitors in its category, with Kumite V2 only strengthening that selection offering something more for performance and endurance than energy, focus, or pumps.