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Keto fans of Genius Gourmet get a powder product to make their own pancakes

genius gourmet keto pancake mix

When Genius Gourmet first came to market, it said it was all about delicious keto-friendly snacks, which is what it started with in the rich and decadent Keto Bar. The brand has introduced several other keto-style products since then with the likes of Keto Snack Chips, the RTD Keto Shake, and now something to bake a tasty keto treat with, in the Keto Pancake Mix.

Genius Gourmet’s latest keto-friendly creation is a bulk powder mix, designed for fans to create pancakes and waffles in the comfort of their own home, and with a keto-style nutrition profile. Each 37g serving of the powder product has a fitting 14g of fat, a moderate 8g of protein, 10g of carbohydrates with 5g of that fiber, and a reasonable calorie count of 180.

The Keto Pancake Mix from Genius Gourmet is made with a relatively simple set of ingredients. The main features are almonds, bamboo fiber, cream, egg powder, and MCTs. The product itself is incredibly easy to make; simply mix a serving with half a cup of water, then throw it on your preheated pan for a short one to two minutes for each side of the pancake.

The only downside to Genius Gourmet’s Keto Pancake Mix is you don’t get many servings per box at only five, and each of those is individually wrapped in a single-serving sachet. Fortunately, the price of the product matches that low amount of servings at $14.99, meaning each serving or sachet you use to make a pancake will cost you $3.