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Glaxon previews another upcoming supplement in Wonder Collagen

glaxon wonder collagen

Our Newcomer Of The Year for 2020 Glaxon has been continuing its strong momentum in 2021, revealing and releasing several new supplements since the beginning of the year. We already know it is working on a gaming product in Goon Mode, built to enhance energy and focus, a new version of its fat burner with Slyce V2, and now we have word on “Wonder Collagen”.

Wonder Collagen is, of course, a collagen-based supplement coming soon from Glaxon, featuring a few other ingredients to provide comprehensive beauty health support. We have yet to see the entire formula behind the product, just the front of its bottle, so we don’t know what other ingredients are in there, although knowing Glaxon it won’t be short on anything.

Glaxon will have its usual amount of servings per tub in Wonder Collagen at 21, giving each of those servings a weight of 12g. The brand’s beauty category debut will be launching in flavored powder form, with one taste confirmed so far in Raspberry Rosé.