Huge gets ready to double its Wrecked menu with two creative new flavors

Jun 8th, 2021
huge nutrition two more flavors of wrecked

The surprising newcomer, Huge Nutrition, which not only started with a wide variety of supplements but has consistently added to the line, is getting ready to expand the menu of one of its first products. It is the brand’s flagship stimulant pre-workout Wrecked that’s getting the attention this time around, not to be confused with the more stimulating Review Bros collaboration, Wrecked Extreme.

Previously, Huge Nutrition only had two options available for Wrecked in the candy-themed recipe Peach Rings and the colorful Rainbow Burst. Set to join those two in the near future is Raspberry Mojito and the Bomb Pop-inspired Bomb Popsicle. Both flavors are due to arrive within the next month or so and will be available first from the brand’s website at Wrecked’s usual price of $44.95 per tub.