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Mark Bell’s unique and sold out Steak Shake returns in sample packs

mark bell steak shake samples

In March, Sling Shot creator Mark Bell came out with an extremely unique protein powder called the “Steak Shake”, featuring a variety of protein sources and organ meats. It is the organ meats that make the supplement something different, combining beef isolate, egg white, whey concentrate, whole egg, and hydrolyzed collagen providing 27g of protein, with dissected kidney, liver, heart, pancreas, and spleen powder.

The only downside to Mark Bell’s Steak Shake is that it managed to sell out incredibly quickly, so by the time we heard about it, you couldn’t purchase it anymore. The supplement has still yet to come back in stock; however, Mark Bell has something to tide fans over and give those that missed out on buying a tub a chance to try the product before it returns.

Now available from Mark Bell’s Sling Shot website are sample packs of Steak Shake, featuring all of the same ingredients and nutrition as a tub, but in a single serving sachet. The samples are not as cost-effective at $5 for just one, in your choice of Chocolate or Vanilla flavors, or you can spend over $10 at, and the brand will throw one in free.

If you’d like to try Mark Bells’ Steak Shake, we suggest heading over there now and grabbing as many as you’d like sooner rather than later. The supplement’s full-size tubs are still due to return soon with unfortunately no exact launch date, and again, they’re much better value at $59.99 for a total of 30 servings compared to the sample at $5 for one serving.