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Redcon1 previews its third consecutive 4th Of July edition flavor of Total War

redcon1 1776 total war

Two years ago in 2019, to go with the 4th Of July, the then up-and-coming Redcon1 released a special edition flavor of its stimulant pre-workout Total War, featuring a standout alternative label design. The flavor was named “Freedom,” then the following year for another 4th Of July celebration, the two-time Brand Of The Year dropped another limited-time Total War flavor named “Patriot”.

It’s no surprise that for 2021, Redcon1 is once again doing a special edition flavor of its pre-workout Total War for the 4th Of July, making it the third year in a row the brand has done that. This year it looks like Redcon1 has named the flavor 1776, giving no indication of what it tastes like. That number isn’t wholly irrelevant as that’s how many units the brand made of its last two 4th Of July Total Wars, and it’s the year the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Redcon1 is looking to launch its third consecutive 4th Of July flavor of Total War within the next week or so, as the day itself is, of course, only one week away. You can get an idea of what the product is going to look like in the image above, where you’ll see the brand is once again mixing things up with another alternative label design featuring an eye-catching red foil finish.

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