Limited America Total War arrives with Redcon1’s strong 4th Of July sale

limited edition america total war

Just as the Stack3d Certified brand promised, Redcon1 has officially launched its all-new limited edition America flavor of Total War in the first minute of 4th Of July. The product features a special edition, red, white and blue label design, and has only had 1,776 units produced for its one-off, limited run.

The place to go to get your hands on the new release is the brand’s online store at, although there is something else Redcon1 has included with the launch. To celebrate 4th Of July, the brand does of course have a promotion on, where you get a free tee when your order totals more than $50.

You also get a spin on Redcon1’s winning wheel which gives you a shot at extra bonuses such as 30% discount, a free MRE Bar, or even your entire order free. The brand’s 4th Of July promotion is on until Sunday, although if you want a tub of the America Total War, you’ll want to get in sooner rather than later.

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