Redcon1 previews an eye-catching rebrand of its Tiger’s Blood Total War

Jun 27th, 2021
tigers blood total war

Redcon1 has done plenty of special edition, alternatively branded products in its time; in fact, it was only yesterday we posted about its third consecutive 4th Of July edition flavor of Total War. On most, if not all occasions, the brand’s special edition items have been fresh new flavors, although that’s not what we’re getting with the latest preview from the ever-growing Redcon1.

In the coming weeks, just like 1776 for the 4th Of July, Redcon1 is releasing an alternatively branded Tiger’s Blood flavor of its original stimulant pre-workout Total War. Fans will already know, Tiger’s Blood is a flavor that’s been on the supplement’s menu for many years, so this won’t be anything entirely new on the inside, at least from what we know, only new on the outside.

You can get a glimpse of the special edition reskin in the image above, and it is an awesome looking rebrand, bringing a nice refresh to what is quite a long-running flavor for Redcon1’s Total War pre-workout.

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