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1st Phorm brings together a reliable blend of ingredients all for performance

1st phrom endura-formance

1st Phorm has dropped another supplement release for 2021, and unlike the last few items we’ve seen from the popular mainstream brand, it is an entirely new effort with Endura-Formance. The product confirms what it’s all about in its name, featuring a formula built completely to support and improve performance and endurance, and it has quite an interesting combination of ingredients.

Endura-Formance from 1st Phorm is a packed-out supplement featuring some reputable performance and endurance ingredients, a couple of those being branded. Each serving of the product comes with a full 5g of tried and true creatine monohydrate, 3.2g of beta-alanine, 2.5g of betaine, electrolytes, a gram each of PeakO2, and tyrosine for focus, and finally, the S7 blend at 50mg.

1st phrom endura-formance

As mentioned, 1st Phorm has brought together a robust performance-powered formula, with the only thing we would’ve liked to see is the PeakO2 doubled at its more common full dose of 2g. The brand wraps up all of those ingredients in powder form in Green Apple, Grape, and Orange flavors, and you get the usual 30 servings a tub at a price of $44.99 through the brand’s website.