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Apollon readies its revamped fat burner Chaos for an early August release

apollon nutrition chaos v3

One of the many things the hardcore brand Apollon Nutrition is known for, outside of its reputable and loaded sports nutrition supplements, is its ability to constantly evolve and improve its products. The brand is relentless when it comes to reformulations, dropping them almost every month, making small changes to its popular supplements for an even better experience.

So far this year, we’ve seen Apollon Nutrition put its reformulation ability to use in its intense fat burner Shogun, the pump pre-workout Bare Knuckle, and the stimulant powerhouse Assassin. Next on the list of reworked supplements for the hardcore company is its original fat burner, Chaos, which despite being in the same category, it is a different product compared to Shogun.

Chaos and Shogun are similar to Apollon Nutrition’s pre-workouts Hooligan and Assassin. Chaos is the brand’s more balanced competitor with a good amount of ingredients for energy, focus, and weight loss. Shogun takes the Assassin approach and puts a lot of attention on the stimulating side of the experience, with a more intense hit of energy and mental focus.

For the all-new version of Chaos, Apollon Nutrition promises to make its usual leaps and improvements, with more ingredients and dosages to support both sides of the experience. We don’t have any details on the formula just yet, although, with the fat burning supplement due to hit shelves in the early weeks of August, all of that information should be shared soon.