Gaming brand BLNX drops another hydration product with Aquamin and AstraGin

blnx hydra aid

Gaming brand BLNX, previously known as Blinx, has released its third supplement, separate from its original energy and focus enhancing product Dragon Focus and its on-the-go shot, Hydrofuel + Energy. The supplement is along the same lines as its compact Hydrofuel + Energy shot, created to support and improve hydration; however, this one comes in powder format.

Hydra Aid is BLNX’s newest product, featuring the premium multi-mineral blend Aquamin and the proven absorption enhancer, AstraGin. The two key ingredients combine to support that promise of better hydration, with a low amount of sugar also said to be a part of the supplement. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the brand does not list Hydra Aid’s facts panel on its website, so we don’t know exactly how much of anything it has.

BLNX has previewed its hydration-supporting Hydra Aid in three flavors with Tropical Pearadise, Peach Mango, and Coconut Lime, but at the moment, you can only purchase the product in Coconut Lime. The supplement is available through the brand’s online store and is a touch expensive for not knowing exactly what’s in it at $29.95 for a bag of 25 single-serving stick packs.

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