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Body & Fit combines chickpeas with creative flavors for its latest healthy snack

body fit crunchy chickpeas

Body & Fit is back again, making headlines for the third time in the past week or so with something quite a bit different from its Vegan Perfection Bar and Vegan Protein Bar flavor extensions. The product in the spotlight today from the major retailer and brand is an on-the-go snack; although it doesn’t have any high-protein, functional twist, it is simply a bag of chickpeas.

The new Body & Fit release is obviously titled “Crunchy Chickpeas”, and it is exactly that, a 120g bag of crunchy chickpeas that are naturally high in fiber and protein. The brand has put a little something extra into the product, making it flavored, rather than straight chickpeas, with three creative flavors in Hummus, Japanese Tamari, a much higher calorie option in Dark Chocolate.

The reason Body & Fit’s Dark Chocolate Crunchy Chickpeas is higher in calories than the others is pure because the chickpeas literally come covered in dark chocolate, making for a richer, sweeter snack. You can purchase the product directly from the brand’s online store, alongside the many other supplements and brands it sells at €3.49 (4.12 USD) for that 120g bag.