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Unique Apple Cider Donut flavor dropping in one week for Bowmar’s protein bar

bowmar nutrition apple cider donut protein bar

On Friday of next week, at midday Eastern Time, Bowmar Nutrition is releasing another flavor extension of its protein bar, something we saw it do a few months ago in April. That last new flavor was a classic Cookies and Cream, although the next addition to the protein snack’s menu is far from classic or traditional; in fact, it’s not one we’ve ever seen before.

Bowmar Nutrition’s upcoming protein bar flavor is an intriguing Apple Cider Donut, still packing the product’s usual amount of protein at a solid 20g of protein per bar. We don’t know what the other macros are, but they’ll likely be around the protein bar’s other options with between 20 to 22g of carbohydrates, 5g of that sugar, 8g of fat, and 230 to 240 calories.

Once again, Bowmar Nutrition is launching its Apple Cider Donut protein bar at midday Eastern Time a week from now, through its online store at a price of $34.99 for a box of 12 bars.