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G Fuel partners with FaZe Clan for a fresh new flavor of its hydration supplement

g fuel faze x hydration

While most of the time, when we see new flavor extensions from the leader of the gaming supplement category, G Fuel, it is for its flagship, self-titled product. Earlier this month, however, the brand announced an upcoming addition to the menu of one of its few other supplements in the hydration, focus, and health-supporting G Fuel Hydration, with the flavor being PewDiePie’s citrusy Yuzu Slash.

G Fuel has now followed that up with news of another extension to the menu of G Fuel Hydration, and like Yuzu Slash, this one is a collaboration but with FaZe Clan. The product is called FaZe X Hydration, and while that doesn’t give you any information about what it’s going to taste like, the brand has provided a description, saying the new FaZe X Hydration is a sweet frosty citrus cherry concoction.

G Fuel’s latest G Fuel Hydration flavor and collaboration with FaZe Clan is due to launch soon; in fact, if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on it, the brand has a page on its website where you can be notified when it drops.

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