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Pink Drip and Clickbait become flavors of G Fuel’s ever-growing energy drink

pink drip and clickbait g fuel energy drink

Earlier this year, gaming brand G Fuel launched two specific new flavors for its flagship energy and focus supplement with Pink Drip and the much more intriguing, Clickbait. Neither flavor says much about its taste in its name, although we do have descriptions with Pink Drip being a Pink Starburst-like flavor and Clickbait a fruity mix of watermelon, pomegranate, and cherry.

G Fuel has since taken both of those flavors, Pink Drip and Clickbait, and turned them into options of the ever-growing G Fuel energy drink. From what we know, they aim to deliver the same, if not similar, flavor experience to the original tubs. They also feature can designs to match the original supplements, with Clickbait’s artwork really creating quite a unique-looking energy drink.

Neither the Pink Drip nor Clickbait G Fuel energy drinks are listed or available through the brand’s official online store at; however, we have seen reports of the two showing up as available in stores.

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