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Speculoos and chocolate come together in Protein World’s latest Mug Cake flavor

protein world chocolate speculoos slender mug cake

It wouldn’t be a week of supplement news without more than one development to share from the UK brand Protein World, and that is precisely what we have today. Only two days after we posted about the brand’s White Chocolate Caramel flavor of Slender Mug Cake Mix, it is back revealing and releasing another flavor extension for the same functional baking mix.

Protein World’s latest creation is actually a spin on something it dropped for four different supplements last month. The colorful brand has taken its Speculoos flavor of Slender Mug Cake Mix — based on the famous Speculoos Spread — and combined it with chocolate. The result is a chocolatey version referred to as Choculoos but is officially named Chocolate Speculoos.

Protein World’s creative effort Chocolate Speculoos is currently only available for Slender Mug Cake Mix, although we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s extended across to other supplements. As mentioned, the brand added its original Speculoos flavor to four different products, one of which was Slender Mug Cake, so there is a chance other supplements will pick it up.