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Butterscotch comes to Ugly’s Sparkling Water for a limited time in July

ugly butterscotch sparkling water

Beverage brand Ugly is back for another month with another entry in its reliable and limited edition monthly flavor series. The brand has been doing this for well over a year now and has not missed a month since it started in 2020. Ugly’s flavor creation for July is another unique and entirely new effort for its flagship drink, the all-natural Sparkling Water.

Ugly is promising deliciously sweet swirls of caramel in July with its Butterscotch Sparkling Water, and like all of the product’s other options, it has no sugar, carbohydrates, or calories. The flavor is in stock and available for a limited time through the brand’s website at its usual, slightly higher special edition price of $30 for a case of a dozen cans.

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