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CTRL Energy welcomes two new flavors and makes a couple of formula tweaks

ctrl energy coffeine and theanine

The still relatively new gaming brand CTRL Energy out of the UK has two new flavors to share for its flagship energy and focus supplement and details on a couple of formula tweaks. The new flavors are actually quite welcome to the product as previously, it only had two tastes to choose from in Super Strawb Racey Laces and Dr. Hoochi’s Fruit Salad.

Now available for CTRL Energy’s gaming supplement alongside those two mentioned is Robo Rex Super Slushy and Vamazing Vimmys Blasto Flavour. Robo Rex is a blue slushie flavor that was previously available for the product and has since returned with an improved experience, while Vamazing Vimmys is an entirely new flavor with a tasty grape base.

Both Robo Rex Super Slushy and Vamazing Vimmys Blasto Flavour are in stock on CTRL Energy’s website, although as mentioned, there are a couple of formulas changes too. The brand has kept the tweaks simple, moving from caffeine anhydrous to Coffeine natural caffeine at the same 200mg dose, and it’s added 200mg of theanine for smoother energy.