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Functional brand Lohilo puts BCAA and Collagen into simple powder supplements

lohilo bcaa and collagen powder

Swedish brand Lohilo is typically known for its functional foods and beverages, although that is not the format of its most recent releases. The colorful and creative company has come out with two more traditional powder supplements this week, both of which are named after their main ingredients in Lohilo BCAA Powder and Collagen Powder.

Lohilo’s all-new BCAA Powder packs 7g of BCAAs in each of its 30 servings per tub plus additional dosages of magnesium and vitamin B6. You then have Collagen Powder with 5g of its title ingredient per serving, and like BCAA Powder, you get a few extra features in this one with vitamin C, zinc, biotin, and 100mg of the beauty supporting hyaluronic acid.

Lohilo has launched its BCAA Powder and Collagen Powder directly through its online store at €25 and €30, respectively, and both in four different flavors each. For BCAA Powder, the options are Fresh Pear, Grapefruit, Lemon Lime, and Sour Cola, and for Collagen Powder, there is Neutral, Raspberry, Sweet Apple, and a unique Elderflower Lemon.