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Mammut drops a protein bar with 15g of protein and a tasty selection of flavors

mammut crunchy protein bar

German brand Mammut Nutrition, which we saw last week releasing a full spectrum EAA amino supplement, is back in the news with its first-ever protein snack. It is the Mammut Crunchy Protein Bar, named after the crunchy protein pieces throughout the bar. The product is a little lighter than your typical 60g bar at 45g, so not too surprisingly, it has slightly less protein than the usual 20g at 15g.

The rest of the nutrition profile in the all-new Mammut Crunchy Protein Bar is about what you’d expect with 6.7 to 7.4g of fat, 13 to 15g of carbohydrates, 1.2 to 1.8g of sugar, and 166 to 174 calories. The Mammut Nutrition protein bar debut starts to look a bit more interesting in its lineup of flavors, as while it only has three on its menu, none of them are your typical chocolate, peanut butter, or cookies.

Mammut Nutrition’s Crunchy Protein Bar has launched in Almond Brownie with almond and brownie pieces and Salty Peanut with a gooey layer of caramel in the middle. The third and final flavor is Raspberry White Chocolate, covered in sweet white chocolate, whereas the other two are milk chocolate. The Mammut Crunchy Protein Bar is out now in Europe, including at the online retailer Best Body.