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Mountain Joe’s Teases a chocolate peanut product for this weekend’s Fit Xpo

mountain joes three new products

As it’s done with many of its past snacks and treats, UK functional brand Mountain Joe’s is getting ready to reveal its next new release, and it has started the journey with an intriguing teaser image. The picture keeps things incredibly short and sweet, featuring only two clues with a combination of small blocks of delicious chocolate and crunchy peanuts.

The obvious guess at the mysterious product is some sort of chocolate peanut product or flavor. The latter is a good guess as Mountain Joe’s doesn’t actually have a chocolate peanut flavor for any of its products. The flavor would go nicely in any of its protein treats, including its Protein Flapjack, Protein Millionaire, and absolutely decadent Protein Brownie.

Whatever Mountain Joe’s teased chocolate peanut product or flavor turns out to be, the brand is going to have it at its booth this weekend at the supplement expo Fit Xpo in Liverpool. The word is this is also not all the functional brand has coming down the pipeline, with potentially two more creative creations to be teased and revealed in the coming weeks.