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MuscleMeds teases what looks to be a whole-food meal version of Carnivor

musclemeds wholefood meal carnivor

The brand in red, MuscleMeds, known for its beef protein powder Carnivor, is teasing its next all-new supplement since the debut of its appetite enhancer Feast Mode earlier this year. To keep things interesting and fans guessing, the brand has not revealed the product yet, only teasing it with some clue-filled images and words that give us an idea of what we’re in for.

You can see one of MuscleMeds’ teaser pictures above, notably featuring a typical protein tub with the lid off, and beef and sweet potato being thrown in. The brand is, as mentioned, known for its beef protein powder Carnivor, leading us to believe that the supplement MuscleMeds has coming down the pipeline is some sort of clean and nutritious meal version of Carnivor.

A lean, whole-food style meal replacement take on Carnivor is one of the few spin-offs MuscleMeds has not already done for its flagship beef protein powder and fits with the brand’s hints and clues. Regardless of how close we are with our guess, MuscleMeds will be revealing everything you need to know about the mystery product in just three days on Wednesday.

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