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Protein Cream from Nano Supps gets its first new flavor since its debut

nano supps caramel protein cream

Well over a year ago, at the start of last year, the creative, functional brand originally known for its wooden spoon amino supplement Nano Supps, came out with a high protein, low sugar spread. That product is called Protein Cream, featuring 5.4g of protein in a 30g serving with no added sugar, and since its debut, it’s been available in two flavors.

The two options Nano Supps has had available for Protein Cream since its arrival are the traditional chocolate tastes, Milk Chocolate, and a sweet White Chocolate. The consistently growing brand has now released its first new addition to Protein Cream with something not so traditional in a sweet and salty Caramel, still packing the same sort of macros.

Nano Supps’ Caramel Protein Cream is out and available now, including through the brand’s own online store, although it does cost slightly more than either of the original Protein Cream flavors. Fans interested in trying that salty new experience is looking to pay €1 more than the chocolate Protein Creams at €7.90 (9.29 USD) for the same size 400g jar.

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