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Vanilla Wafer flavor and a double size tub on the way for Nutrabio’s Plant Protein

Nutrabio Vanilla Wafer Plant Protein

To start the year, Nutrabio brought back its vegan-friendly Plant Protein, and it did so with an impressively improved flavor system, being one of the best-tasting plant proteins we’ve had. The supplement is smooth and hints at all of the tastes and notes necessary to be enjoyable, especially its rich, chocolatey, and coconut piece-filled German Chocolate Cake.

Alongside German Chocolate Cake, Nutrabio’s Plant Protein returned in two other flavors with Snickerdoodle Cookie and an on-point coffee experience with Mochaccino Mousse Cake. Nutrabio is now preparing to add another flavor to its Plant Protein lineup with one of your more traditional protein powder flavors that is still undoubtedly delicious in Vanilla Wafer.

The developments don’t actually end there for Nutrabio Plant Protein, as in addition to the supplement’s fourth flavor, the reputable brand is also introducing a second size of the plant-based protein powder. To go with its current 18 serving offering, Nutrabio is coming out with a double-size 36 serving, which looks to be launching the same time as Vanilla Wafer.

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