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Perfect Keto restocks its sold out granola-style Nola Bars with up to 35% off

perfect keto nola bar

Keto-friendly brand Perfect Keto has given its Nola Bar a full relaunch, a snack that gets its name from the fact it’s a granola-style keto bar. The product is made with almonds, peanuts, cocoa butter, MCTs, sea salt, allulose, and the natural sweeteners stevia and monk fruit. All of those ingredients roll together to make a soft, chewy, and flavorful snack bar.

The nutrition profiles of either flavor of Perfect Keto’s Nola Bar are not too bad, with 3g of protein in Coconut Chocolate Chip and twice that at 6g in the only other option, Peanut Butter. The fat is a high 12g per bar, fitting for the keto-friendly approach, 12 to 14g of carbohydrates with 5 to 6g of that fiber and only a gram of sugar, and calories ranging from 140 to 150.

Perfect Keto is really shooting for that classic granola-style snack bar experience with its Nola Bar and even promotes it as “just like the ones you loved as a kid.” You can purchase the product directly from the brand’s online store at $19.99 for a box of eight, although as mentioned, this is a restock or relaunch, and unlike its short-lived, quickly sold-out debut, this time around, the Nola Bars have a deal.

To celebrate the return of the Nola Bars, Perfect Keto is offering discounts when purchasing two or more boxes. If you grab one, you will pay that $19.99, however for two, you’ll save 10%; three will get you 20%; at four boxes you’re looking at 25%; then finally for five or more, you get 35% discount, which brings the Nola Bars all the way down to $12.99 a box.