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PharmaFreak improves on its hybrid pre-workout by adding two new ingredients

pharmafreak anabolic freak pre-workout gold edition

It wasn’t that long ago PharmaFreak launched its hybrid pre-workout supplement Anabolic Freak Pre-Workout, bringing together two types of products in one. Anabolic Freak Pre-Workout is true to its name and is a combination of the brand’s d-aspartic acid-powered testosterone booster Anabolic Freak and a couple of pre-workout ingredients, including caffeine and CarnoSyn beta-alanine.

A year on from the release of Anabolic Freak Pre-Workout, PharmaFreak has improved on the hybrid supplement, taking its original combination formula and adding a couple of new ingredients. The brand has just dropped its gold-colored Anabolic Freak Pre-Workout Gold Edition, featuring all of the same ingredients and dosages as the original, except ornithine has been increased by 25%.

Anabolic Freak Pre-Workout Gold Edition still has a full dose of d-aspartic acid at 3.12g, 50mg of resveratrol, 1.6g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, and 250mg of natural caffeine. As mentioned, PharmaFreak has thrown in a couple of new ingredients to create its Gold Edition with 100mg of coconut water for hydration and 50mcg of huperzine a, commonly relied on for its mental focus and drive effects.

PharmaFreak has made its Anabolic Freak Pre-Workout Gold Edition available first through its Canadian online store, and despite the changes in formula, it won’t cost you any more than the previous version. Directly from the brand’s website, you can grab a tub of the hybrid pre-workout at $49.99 (39.64 USD) for a tub of 20 servings and in only one flavor to start with, in Raspberry Mojito.