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Razorwire Energy Drink review: Incredibly impressive fruit juice-like flavor

razorwire energy drink review

Razorwire is a gaming supplement brand from the UK that brings together a fairly simple set of ingredients in its original powder tub product, including the likes of taurine, vitamins, minerals, guarana, and caffeine. It doesn’t feature any over-the-top dosages or a long list of energy and focus ingredients, although it is definitely enough to get you going and alert for hours of gaming.

Despite being quite a new brand, Razorwire recently released an energy drink version of its gaming supplement. To keep things consistent, the brand interestingly put an almost identical formula to its powder product, in the beverage, with only a couple of differences. We got our hands on all three of the energy drink’s flavors to find out firsthand how well it delivers on the flavor side.

razorwire energy drink review


The Razorwire energy drink was initially only available in the one Sweet Lemonade flavor; however, a few weeks ago, that was joined by two more fruity options in Tropical and Watermelon. We didn’t know what to expect with the beverage when it first arrived, but it only took split seconds into our first sip to realize the Razorwire beverage is something fans of energy drinks need to try.

Regardless of which flavor you grab, be it Tropical, Watermelon, or the original Sweet Lemonade, they all deliver incredibly sweet, fruit juice-like flavor with a smooth and moderate amount of carbonation. There is no disappointing after-taste or upsetting tang to the experience, it’s all sweet, fruity, and something you can enjoy from the second it hits your mouth to when you swallow.

razorwire energy drink review

Surprisingly, Sweet Lemonade is our favorite of the Razorwire energy drinks, despite not typically enjoying that sort of flavor. Tropical and Watermelon are up there too and don’t come in that far behind the realistic lemonade. Once again, they all nail the fruitiness of their title tastes, with the only exception being Tropical, as its flavor intensity is a touch stronger than the others.


From a brand as small and new as Razorwire, we’re extremely impressed with how good its beverage turned out, to the point where some refining and a few more flavors on its menu could make it a top-rated energy drink. To cap it off, the product has no sugar and only 14 calories a can, and it gives you the lift and energy you’d expect from an energy drink packing 150mg of caffeine.