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RYSE is coming out with a loaded pre-workout featuring a huge 46g serving size

ryse 46g serving pre-workout

RYSE has come out and made a huge statement regarding an all-new pre-workout supplement it has coming down the pipeline. Not a lot of information has been revealed about the product, but the few details it has shared are more than enough to get some attention. The supplement will be separate from its three other pre-workouts in Pre-Workout, Project Blackout Pre-Workout, and the more recent Loaded Pre.

The few details RYSE has shared for its yet-to-be-named pre-workout are that it’ll be an industry-first product, have a huge 46g serving size, and pack an impressive 12g of pure citrulline for an intense pump. The industry-first part obviously has our attention, although we know it’s not regarding either of those features mentioned as we have seen 12g of pure citrulline before and a pre-workout with a large 48g serving.

Another interesting detail about the exciting RYSE pre-workout is that it is also going to be a collaboration supplement with a movie. Everything the brand is saying makes the product sound like one you won’t want to miss, so we’re extremely excited to see this thing unfold. More details on the mysterious and loaded pre-workout will be dropped in the coming weeks, and we’ll make sure we share it all here at Stack3d.