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Be Legend comes through with another creative flavor combining Kuromitsu and Kinako

Be Legend Kuromitsu Kinako Weight Down Protein

Japanese supplement company Be Legend is one of the busiest brands when it comes to special edition flavors and collaborations, pumping them out almost every month and with some extremely intriguing partners. Most of the time, those flavors are for its whey-based protein powder, which is not the case with its latest effort due to midday tomorrow local time.

Be Legend has put together a new limited-time taste for its soy protein-based supplement, Weight Down. Despite the name suggesting otherwise, Weight Down doesn’t have any added ingredients to support weight loss; it is simply a soy protein powder. The new flavor for the product is a combination recipe that’s much more familiar in Japan with Kuromitsu Kinako.

It combines Kuromitsu, a dark sugary syrup that translates to “black honey”, and Kinako, a flour made from soybeans and is described as having a very peanut-type taste. Together the two flavors sound like quite an interesting experience, which, once again, you can purchase in Japan starting tomorrow from its retailer Real Style at 4,100¥ (37.38 USD) for a 1kg bag.

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