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Bombbar puts no-sugar protein ice cream on a stick and covers it in chocolate

Bombbar Protein Ice Cream

Bombbar has been very impressive these past few months, revealing and releasing many different products and treats, the most surprising of which was the ice cream snack, Protein Ice Cream Cups. It seems the brand wasn’t actually quite done with the format after the tasty on-the-go ice cream in a cone, as it has quickly followed that up with another, more traditional ice cream.

The latest frozen functional food from Bombbar is high-protein ice cream on a stick, appropriately called “Protein Ice”. The completely sugar-free product combines creamy vanilla ice cream with a hard layer of milk chocolate. Bombbar Protein Ice has 208 calories, and while we don’t know its exact protein, we do know its percentage is 15%, so at a weight of 60g, it’ll be about 9g.

Like everything from Bombbar, Protein Ice is available first through its local Russian online store, and considering how unique this thing is, you’ll be incredibly impressed with the price. The brand is currently selling the product in packs of three at 300₽, which converted to USD is $4.11, and again, that’s for three, so you’re looking at only $1.37 for each of the delicious protein treats.

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