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Barebells renames its crispy and delicious Holiday Puffs flavor Creamy Crisp

Creamy Crisp Barebells Protein Bar

Barebells, the maker of our long-standing, number one rated Barebells Protein Bar, has decided to rebrand one of its tastiest recent flavor extensions, originally called Holiday Puffs. The product was launched as a limited-time taste for Christmas last year; then as the brand has done with other special edition efforts, it decided to drop the limited status and keep it around for good.

When Barebells made its Holidays Puffs Protein Bar permanent, it also made a small change to its packaging, and that was it. This month, the Swedish functional company has decided to give it a much more significant rebrand and rename the flavor. Moving forward, the product is called the Creamy Crisp Barebells Protein Bar, still featuring all of the same great macros, taste, and texture.

If you haven’t had Holiday Puffs Protein Bar, or now called Creamy Crisp, as mentioned, it is one of Barebells’ best new Protein Bar flavors in some time. It combines a smoother texture than some of the protein snack’s other options with a creamy body, gooey salty caramel, and soft puffs throughout the snack, giving it a light and crispy consistency that pairs perfectly with the flavor.

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