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Barebells’ delicious Christmas edition Holiday Puffs is back for Easter

holiday puffs barebells protein bar

Last year’s limited Christmas flavor for the top-rated Barebells Protein Bar was the truly impressive and delicious Holiday Puffs. We found it to be one of the best flavors the brand has put out in quite some time and definitely believed it deserved to be around longer. It turns out Barebells thinks that as well, as three months on from Christmas, Holiday Puffs has returned.

Barebells has relaunched last year’s Christmas edition protein bar with the same name, nutrition profile, and incredibly soft, sweet, and tasty inside, but slightly altered its packaging. The brand has made some small changes to the artwork in the background where it no longer features its intergalactic graphics, such as the stars, planet, and moon surrounding the title text.

The only question remaining is, has the Holiday Puffs Barebells Protein Bar returned for good? The Swedish functional brand has not said anything about it being limited edition like the first time, although it also hasn’t said it’s back for good. Our hopes are on the latter, but time will tell.

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