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Nick’s keto-friendly snack finally gets a second flavor in Crispy Nougat

Crispy Nougat Nicks Keto Bar

The Swedish snack brand Nick’s, available here in the US, has added another flavor to its lineup of products, expanding on its keto-friendly snack bar packing 15g of protein. The new addition to Nick’s Keto Bar was most certainly needed, as, before this week, there was only one flavor available for the snack in Chocolate Peanut, although it does look absolutely delicious.

Joining the original Chocolate Peanut for Nick’s Keto Bar is Crispy Nougat, providing that same 15g of protein with 19g of carbohydrates, 3g of sugar, 4g of net carbs, 10g of fat, and 190 calories. The product features a thick doughy base topped with a rich layer of chocolate hazelnut, which is also filled with crispy pieces, then the entire treat is wrapped in mouthwatering milk chocolate.

If you like the look of Nick’s new Crispy Nougat Keto Bar, you can grab it today from its US online store for all of the same prices as the product’s only other option in Chocolate Peanut. You can grab a box of 12 keto-friendly, high-protein bars at $34.95, and there are bulk options available going up to five boxes, although unfortunately, they all work out to that same $34.95 a box.