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Premium omega-3 formula revealed as one of Granite’s many upcoming products

Granite Pristine Omega

Granite Supplements has mentioned it is coming out with several all-new supplements in the next few months, one of which it has unveiled today, although it is not available for purchase yet. The brand’s upcoming product is going to be its first simple formula unless you count its multi-source protein powder and more recent collagen supplement Multi-Collagen Peptides.

Pristine Omega is one of the products coming down the pipeline from Granite Supplements, an omega-3 formula, but in the brand’s usual style, it’ll have a premium spin to separate it from the competition. It is a pure, triple-strength omega supplement with a gram of Norwegian sourced fish oil in each citrus-flavored softgel providing a combined 600mg of EPA and DHA.

Again, Granite Supplements’ Pristine Omega is not available for purchase yet; however, it will be soon, with many other entirely new products expected to arrive around it.