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Three more flavors come to the DVST8 Energy Drink including Mallow

Inspired Mallow Dvst8 Energy Drink

Down under in Australia and New Zealand, Inspired has been making a lot of noise, introducing several products you can’t find here in the US, most importantly, the brand’s first-ever beverage. The Brand Of The Year winner for 2019 dropped its performance energy drink back in May in four flavors, all relatively on point and not too bad for Inspired’s entry into the popular category.

Inspired is not wasting any time, as despite the DVST8 energy drink only being a few months old, it has already revealed and released another three flavors, almost doubling the size of its menu. Joining the previous selection of Strawberry Champagne, Lime, Peach Mango, and Fairy Floss is Grape Soda, a citrusy Orange County, and an intriguing marshmallow-themed effort named Mallow.

According to Inspired, the Grape Soda, Orange County, and Mallow DVST8 energy drinks are already out and available in New Zealand, with Australia to follow sometime later this month. They all feature the product’s same formula, including a solid 3.2g of beta-alanine to support performance and endurance, and for a nice boost in energy, a reliable 200mg of caffeine.

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