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Functional brand Lohilo gets further into supplements with two protein powders

Lohilo Protein Powder

Swedish brand Lohilo is mostly known for its functional foods and beverages, especially the Lohilo Ice Cream Bar, which we still consider to be the best and must-try protein snack on the market. It did dip its toes in the world of sports nutrition supplements with a BCAA-based amino last month, and now it’s followed that up with two entirely new products in Shape and Protein Powder.

Both of Lohilo’s latest supplements are indeed protein powders, although one is traditional, and the other leans more towards the realm of meal replacement. Lohilo Shape is the meal replacement product packing each serving with 16g of protein, mostly from milk concentrate, 5.4g of carbohydrates, 4g of fat, and 129 calories with a full selection of added vitamins and minerals as well.

Lohilo Protein Powder is, as mentioned, a more traditional protein powder, featuring a leaner nutrition profile led by 22g of protein from whey concentrate, only 1.6g of carbohydrates, 2.4g of fat, and 116 calories. Basically, if you want something high in protein and lower everywhere else, Lohilo Protein Powder is the way to go, and if you’re after a little more balance, then you want Shape.

Both of Lohilo’s first-ever protein-based products are available in three flavors each, and they are pretty much the same, with Shape coming in Vanilla Dream, Double Chocolate, and White Chocolate Strawberry. As for Lohilo Protein Powder that has Vanilla, Chocolate, and White Chocolate Raspberry, so as you can see, they are essentially replicas of one another.