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Froot Loop-themed Fruity Cereal flavor now available for Lean Whey protein

Muscle Sport Fruity Cereal Lean Whey

Muscle Sport has gone ahead and launched the colorful new cereal-themed flavor of Lean Whey protein powder it teased a week ago, and it has turned out to be what we suspected. Based on the promotional graphics and imagery on the product’s tub, we figured we were in for some sort of Froot Loops-inspired flavor, and that is what we go, introducing Fruity Cereal Lean Whey.

The latest tasty creation from Muscle Sport has Lean Whey’s usual 25g of protein per serving from a transparent blend of whey isolate and concentrate, with low fat and reasonable carbohydrates. You can purchase the sweet and nostalgic Fruity Cereal Lean Whey from the brand’s website in the protein powder’s smaller 2lb tub size at $38.99 with our Stack3d Insider coupon.