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Naughty Boy hints at a casein-based protein powder in its latest teaser

Naughty Boy Custard Protein Powder

Naughty Boy has announced a fresh and entirely new supplement coming down the pipeline, something it’s been consistently doing since the start of the year. The lifestyle brand hasn’t included too much information in the announcement, mostly hinting and teasing the product, although it has shared its name, which is enough to give us an idea of what it could be.

Naughty Boy Custard is the upcoming supplement, and it’s coming in at least one flavor start with Devil’s Delight. Based purely on the title, our guess is it’s another protein powder separate from Whey, relying on micellar casein as its primary source. The reason behind that is a few proteins have come to market in the past year or so using custard in their name due to the creamy custard-like consistency you typically get from casein proteins.

We can’t be completely certain a casein-powered protein powder is what Naughty Boy’s referring to with Custard, although we are reasonably confident as it has become a bit of a trend. The UK brand has been incredibly busy since the start of 2021, so it’s both surprising and surprising to see its plans to continue that momentum in the last months of the year.