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Performax switches to premium KSM-66 in its latest iteration of AlphaMax

Performax Labs Alphamax

Along with its revamped pre-workout in Hypermax-3D, Performax Labs is updating some of its other supplements with its major rebrand, which is due to finally launch this Friday. We suspected there would be changes in formula to more than Hypermax, and today we have confirmation of one of those other tweaked items in AlphaMax, although it isn’t as different as Hypermax-3D.

AlphaMax is one of two muscle-building supplements from Performax Labs that aims to provide its benefits by way of boosting natural testosterone and controlling cortisol and estrogen. It is one of the brand’s longer-running products that fans have come to rely on for its effectiveness, so it’s no surprise the all-new version doesn’t have too many changes to its formula.

Performax Labs Alphamax Label

For the latest iteration of AlphaMax, Performax Labs has carried over all but one of its original ingredients and dosages, including 300mg of mucuna pruriens and another 300mg of longjack. Where the changes come in is the brand has swapped generic ashwagandha for premium KSM-66 ashwagandha, and dropped dehydroabietic acid or DHAA for 100mg of pine bark.

The price on AlphaMax will remain the same when it relaunches this Friday alongside the rest of the revamped and rebranded Performax Labs lineup, and you’ll still get the usual 30 servings per bottle. You’ll also want to get in early when the brand’s relaunch goes live as it will have a strong sale to celebrate everything, offering a limited time 20% off all of its supplements.